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Code Complete
Steve McConnell
Promise of Blood
Brian McClellan
Broken Homes
Ben Aaronovitch
Fallen Angel of Mine
John Corwin
A Guile of Dragons
James Enge
Pray for Dawn
Jocelynn Drake
Knox's Irregulars
J. Wesley Bush
Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software
Charles Petzold

Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy

Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy (Riverside Series) - Ellen Datlow, CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan, Ellen Kushner, Pat Cadigan, Jeffrey Ford, Nathan Ballingrud, Elizabeth Bear, Kit Reed, Peter S. Beagle, Richard Bowes, Lavie Tidhar, Melissa Marr, Matthew Kressel, John Crowley, Lucius Shepard, Delia Sherman, Patricia Briggs, Holly Black, Except for Butcher's story (Dresden rocks), most were lame. A few were a bit less lame though.

As you see, I'm not in a great reviewing mood. :P