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Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle, Book 4)

Inheritance - Christopher Paolini It is funny how some books effect me. When I first read Eragon around eleven years old, I stayed "in shock" or a haze for about a week. I just went around robotically doing what I had to do, all the while thinking about it. The next book, Eldest, which I read a few weeks later, had a similar affect (though a bit less). Then I had to wait for Brisingr. And then this last book, Inheritance.

During these in between periods, I've read many types of pleasure books: Epic fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, modern military fiction - most adult-level books. Rarely have I gotten that same type of impact from any of them (The Dresden Files and Belgarath the Sorcerer might be exceptions) as I had with Eragon.

Now, when I started Brisingr the day it came out (the 8th), I was worried that I might have outgrown it. After all, it was young adult fantasy, and I was reading more adult-level books now.

But I was wrong. Reading those books geared towards adults still didn't make Inheritance seem boring. In fact...it was a bit of a relief. And the ending was well-done, many of the lose ends tied up, but enough mysteries left to make me hope Paolini continues to write in that world. It was great to return to the world of my first fantasy book and see that whole saga completed. Five stars. ;)