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Pathfinder - Orson Scott Card My usual favorite books follow a certain pattern: One point-of-view, from a powerful and intelligent character (I always accept recommendations about these types of books, prefering fantasy or sci-fi genres).

This book however, wasn't quite like that. It had about two or three POVs, but the nice thing was that the POV did not jump around that much. You got to see what one character was going through, but it didn't feel like you were rested to the next.

Admittedly, I probably would have liked it if the focus was always on main character (except for the brief focus on Ram and the colonization expedition), and if he had all the powers. But Orson Scott Card managed to nicely weave the abilities of the three that had them, and it was intriguing to see how the author used them to deal with some situations.

Another thing I liked is that I couldn't predict the ending from the very beginning - more information about the world was revealed as I read more, and only at the end did I have the full picture. There wasn't much of a twist at the end...it just felt like the entire book smoothly flowed from beginning to end.

Now go and try it. :)