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Cold Days: A Novel of the Dresden Files

Cold Days - Jim Butcher This book met my expectations and surpassed them. I was a bit worried about the series because Ghost Story was a little less interesting than the previous books, but Harry comes back strong in Cold Days. Jim Butcher just gets better - better humor (never been bad, IMO), better characterization, better plot twists.

This book contains some very cool things about the world of the Dresden Files, involving the roles of the Summer and Winter faerie courts and especially Mab.

There was one plot twist at the end which I never saw coming - at all - but it made a ton of sense once it was revealed. I love the uncertainty in books of this series (at least the latter ones, as Butcher improves): there is a lot you don't see coming, but fits once it is shown.

While there is a ton of humor in this book (unfortunately for the part of me that wants to share, a lot of it requires context), I wanted to include a slightly more serious quote:

Mab turned back to me and eyed me up and down. She quirked one eyebrow, very slightly, somehow conveying layers of disapproval toward multiple aspects of my appearance, conduct, and situation, and said, “Finally.”

“There’s been a lot on my mind,” I replied.

“It seems unlikely that your cares will lighten,” Queen Mab replied. “Improve your mind.”