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The Blacksmith's Son (Mageborn, #1)

The Blacksmith's Son (Mageborn, #1) - Michael G. Manning Although poorly edited, and with language that felt out-of-place (the main character even thought about how something wasn't "plain English"...this is a different world, with no mention of English people), I still liked this book enough to give 4 stars.

Mainly because it satisfied some of the main things I like in fantasy books: the main character has powerful magic powers, and the POV says with him most of the time.

Of course, having a powerful main character isn't my only criteria, and this book was fairly well-written considering that the author is self-published.

All the POV switches were a bit disappointing, but at least the author focused on Mordecai's life.

I hope the next novel comes out soon. :) If anyone knows some good books about people with powerful magical powers (and from their POV), just tell me. Though I've read most of the well-known ones. :P

Edit: Ha, I need an editor too.